5 Things to Do Before You Use Ecommerce Websites Builder to Launch Your Japanese Online Store

Having a Japanese online store to sell your items can multiply your sales! Here are 5 things you need to do before you use an ecommerce websites builder to launch your new site!


Selling internationally is a great way to meet new customers, expand your brand, and increase your sales. Japan is a great place to start, however, before you choose an ecommerce websites builder and launch your Japanese online store, there are a few things you need to do:

  1. Translate your ecommerce website: We know that this may seem obvious, however, you will surprise how often the customers assume their US-based website will suit the market. Not providing proper content in your target group’s native language can be a huge mistake.
  2. Make the UI suitable for your Japanese online shoppers: You need to keep in mind that one UI does not fit all markets or countries. Did you know that when writing your name in Japanese, there are two types of scripts and there are names that use them both? You need to make sure the UI is customized according to the needs of your Japanese shoppers. If you don’t want your customers to leave your store mad as they can’t enter billing information, make the UI suitable.
  3. Pay attention to Sizes and Measurements: When selling online, all sizes, measurements, and other details need to be properly converted. For example, size 6.6 in the US is size 4 in the UK, size 37 in Europe, and size 23.5 in Japan. Your shoppers need to know the size number so be careful when adding sizes and measurements as you might end up with an unhappy customer.
  4. Laws and Regulations: Before you start selling, watch for laws and regulations and make sure you are doing everything properly. The Site Policy is another item you need to review. Each country has its own specific requirements and regulations and if you don’t respect those regulations, you’ll have troubles.
  5. Adapt to Japanese taste and style: The design of your website may not resonate with the local audience as it does in your home country. The difference in style and taste should be considered when selling internationally. Take a look at the Japanese ecommerce site Rakuten and pay attention to the US version and the Japanese version. You will notice that the websites are completely different.

We hope this article was helpful and got you thinking in the right way!