5 Ecommerce Websites Design Tips and Tricks for Your Japanese Website

How to adapt the website design to Japanese trends? Here are 5 ecommerce website design tips to use for your Japanese website!


The Japanese prefer to do everything online and shopping is not an exception. There is never a better time to build your own Japanese online store and start selling.

The ecommerce websites builders offer you a chance to build your own store, build a brand, connect with customers from all over the world, and sell more items, as long as you have the right website design.

When designing an online store in Japan, you need to consider the local culture and trends.

Web design is very important when creating an international ecommerce site. Not only does your website have to look and feel good, but it also needs to attract visitors who will purchase your items.

So how to design your first Japanese online store?

Here are 5 ecommerce websites design tips to keep in mind:

  1. Consider the local culture: Considering the style and the culture of the shoppers you are targeting is the first thing you need to do. When designing your ecommerce website, you must speak in their style and use photos that are culturally relevant. It is important to use a professional and high-quality photo that will attract potential buyers.
  2. Mobile friendly: You need to make your website mobile responsive because the majority of the people today shop via smartphones and Japanese are not an exception. You will notice them in the train browsing on their smartphones, purchasing all kinds of items.
  3. Think like a website visitor: If you want a perfect ecommerce website design to connect with your new group of buyers, you need to think like them. It is recommendable to have a team of Japanese web developers, designers or sellers that can help you understand the audience. There are certain things Japanese shoppers want in an online shopping experience, a well-designed website, a site that is easy to navigate, and an easy shopping procedure.
  4. Use appropriate colors: Visit some of the most popular Japanese websites and take a look at the ecommerce websites design to inspire yourself. Some of the most popular ecommerce websites to visit are Kekezan, Kyot Healthy Housing, Codeprep, Keihonavi, Sanrio, Jaypeg, Little World, Akitachi, Lily-Lily, Spiecebox, CSSQ, Blooming Dear, Origami for iPhone, Lefond, Akanean, Web Design Recipes, and etc. Check these websites and pay attention to the colors they are using.
  5. User Interface: You should make sure the user interface is easy to navigate, understand, and process. The target audience should be able to find the information they are looking for easily and quickly. If you are catering to buyers across geographical boundaries, you need to understand how these countries work. One area that ecommerce platforms fail is billing. If the billing interface doesn’t allow your customers to enter their information, they can leave your website and probably won’t come again. It is a good idea to use the ecommerce solution Shopify. This platform offers international ecommerce website solutions that cater to any audience, regardless of the location.

Running an online store in Japan is challenging, however, by considering these 5 tips, you will be on your way to designing a beautiful and functional ecommerce store.